I first publicly used my voice in the kid’s choir at church, which carried through to high school when I went to States with the women’s ensemble.
While my kids agree that Rihanna and I sound *exactly* alike when the music is turned
all the way up, the only audience I sing in front of these days is
whoever is stuck in a car with me.

Now, I use my voice to moderate events, host podcasts, and create various multimedia content, including explainer videos, e-learning materials,
and engaging social media videos!

Event Moderator/Host

Elevate your podcasts, festivals, retreats, roundtables, and more with a professional voice that combines warmth and expertise to captivate your audience.

Explainer/Social Videos

Engage your online audience with an upbeat, articulate, and friendly voice, perfect for social media content and explainer videos that leave a lasting impression on your viewers.

E-Books, Courses & Similar

Enhance your educational materials with a polished and knowledgeable voice that breathes life into your ebooks, courses, and multimedia content, making learning an enjoyable experience for all.


Web Design
Content Marketing