5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Invest In

5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Invest In

Start up and long time business owners alike, can often times neglect simple investments that can heighten their business without breaking the bank.

It’s easy to hear the term “investment” and automatically think of bonds, stocks, shares, etc. Sure, these are extremely valuable things for anyone to invest in but these 5 things will help you AND your business grow:

Social Media Marketing: New customers won’t come knocking if they don’t even know you exist. You have to get in front of your audience; being visible is one of the most simple ways to create buzz about your business. Develop a social media presence to connect with your target audience!

Professional Headshots: Sure you could grab a selfie stick and attempt to do it yourself; or you could invest in professional photos that align with your branding and demonstrate your professionalism. Your photos can be used on social media, your website, marketing collateral, and more. People study faces and you can’t take back a first impression; make sure your photos are of quality and represent you and your business in the truest form.

Mentorship / Certifications / Expert Learning: Learning doesn’t always have to come at a high price. Many times, you can connect with an experienced mentor to be your go-to for all things business related.. or you could also hire a coach to help grow your business and work directly with you.

If you hold a certification in a certain area, you can use it to leverage your expertise over competitors. Not all certifications are costly, in fact, some are free but do require 15+ hours of training plus an exam. Be sure to research certifications in your field!

Enhance your knowledge and learn from experts! Attending seminars and workshops are great, but you don’t even have to leave your home or office to keep up to date with industry experts. Read their books, listen to podcasts, read blogs, watch vlogs – it doesn’t matter how you learn as long as you continue to learn.

Technology: You need to keep your technology up to date. This year I invested over 3k in technology, and it has paid itself within 3 months. Don’t let the price tag of a piece of an expensive piece of technology or equipment detour you from purchasing it. Think about the value it could bring to your business; will it make your job easier? Will it help you produce better results for clients? If you answered yes to those questions, then it’s time you stop letting the price tag be your excuse.

R & R: Ahhh, rest and relaxation. If you’re not getting enough sleep or not taking personal time off to relax and devote to yourself,family,friends – you’re skimping on the BEST and EASIEST investment you can make for yourself and your business. Aim for a full night of sleep to optimize your performance and focus daily. Don’t think you have the time for a vacation or to take time off? Wrong. What you don’t have time for is a complete and utter burn out. Take care of yourself, it’ll pay off.

Painless and simple enough, right? Investing in both yourself and your business will be profitable; stop making excuses and just do it!

If you want to invest in something with minimal risk and guaranteed return, invest in yourself.

To your growth,