How to Protect Your Business During Mercury Retrograde

How to Protect Your Business During Mercury Retrograde

I know what you’re thinking…I can hear it now…

“Mercury, what?! What’s this sorcery you’re preachin’ now, Lauren?”

If you’re not a big follower of astrology or have never worked with a spiritual-being before, you may have never heard of the phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde.

What is it?

A retrograde is when the planet (in this case, Mercury), passes the Earth and sun while appearing to rotate opposite of Earth. This current period lasts from November 17 to December 6 and is the 3rd (and final) time we’ll experience a Mercury Retrograde in 2018. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, so when it’s in retrograde you may feel as if everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. From strange or intense arguments with your spouse, friends, or boss to your car not starting, or even your computer hard drive failing, this time period can be a P.I.T.A for individuals.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

When you become aware of the “why,” I fully believe you can take measurable steps to make your life easier during this period of planetary influence. Remember, the rise and fall of the ocean’s tide on Earth is caused by gravitational forces and placement of the moon and sun. I say, if you can believe in the power of planetary alignment and the effect it has our Earth, then you can believe in the power that it has on our moods, on some sort of level. ?

How Can I Protect Myself & My Business During Mercury Retrograde?

Well, you can’t fully protect yourself. Life happens and we have to roll with it; but you can be a little more cautious and mindful over the next 3 weeks by following these tips:

  • Don’t Launch Don’t launch that website, don’t launch that program, don’t spend a sh*t ton of money on that campaign. Just hold your horses and slow down. If you launch now, you’ll likely overlook something major, find a critical component that’s missing or there will be a technological mishap. Wait until after December 6th, you’ll be in a better spot to take more action. But for now, hone in on your attention to detail!
  • Allow Extra Time for Travel Whether you’re traveling by car, bus, train, or plane – allow extra time. If you’re flying, arrive earlier than normal – security check points, bad weather, and . If you have a layover, be sure there’s a good amount of time between flights in case of delays. Give yourself extra time to get to work or appointments, leave early!
  • Rethink Purchasing a New Computer or Updating Programs I made this mistake once; I ordered a new (customized) MacBook Pro during Mercury Retrograde and when I received it, it was a complete dud. The headache of exchanging and waiting for a replacement (which I got post-retrograde) wasn’t worth it the timing of the initial purchase. Don’t buy the new TV, don’t install new software that might potentially crash your computer, and expect glitches in technology. Be sure to back up everything NOW! If you MUST make a new purchase (we can’t all wait for the end of retrograde for certain things, right?), then be sure to get extended warranties or insurance on your purchases.
  • Read the Small Print on any new contracts. Ask lots of questions. If you can wait until Mercury goes direct to sign this contract or enter a new obligation, do so. If it’s time sensitive, do your best to analyze the contract and gather as much information as you can.
  • Tread Lightly  You may find yourself a little more temperamental, or maybe you see that your partner or co-worker is extra cranky or sensitive; remember that their communication skills are being affected right now and things are said that aren’t necessarily meant. If you’re feeling “on edge”, I urge you to do something that FEELS liberating to you (nap, dance, sing, eat Ben & Jerry’s, go for a run). Bite your tongue and use the energy in a more positive way.
  • Finish Up Loose Ties Does your website need some TLC? Have an idea that needs more development? Have you been avoiding cleaning your office? The retrograde is your chance to tie up those loose ends and get clear on the future.

Now, you can go one and call my astrological beliefs crazy, but if your car doesn’t start, you get in a heated argument, someone from your past reappears, and/or your presentation is a flop, blame Mercury! ?

What are your feelings on Mercury Retrograde? Have you felt its affects before?

Be mindful of your moods as well as the moods of others, and various things that happen throughout the days during this time. Keep me posted on how the next few weeks pan out for you, and I’ll do the same.

Trust the Universe,


P.S. If you’re looking to advance your knowledge in Astrology, a few of my favorites are:
Astrolada, SoulShine Astrology, and Astrostyle

The Importance Learning the Language

The Importance Learning the Language

I’m guilty of zoning out when I don’t understand what’s being said.

I’m sure you’re guilty of it too.

You’ve likely sat through a class you were interested in, only to become so lost in the verbiage being used that it sounds as if the teacher was speaking another language.

I remember a conversation with my spiritual mentor, early into us meeting each other. We were talking about astrology, something I was eager to learn about, but was still a novice in. When she asked me which planet was in my 11th house in my birth chart, I was completely confused. My WHAT chart? Was that something my mom needed to get from the hospital? I have a planet in a house? Do WHAT?

I had no idea what she was talking about, so the entire conversation made me feel so lost. She was starting big on the spiritual scope, while I was still trying to grasp the overall concept. I knew that if I wanted to dive back into a conversation with her about astrology, I first needed to learn the language.

By “learning the language,” I mean the common terms and phrases that are used to discuss that subject.

Likewise, when teaching the language, you need to “dumb it down.” I don’t mean this as if the person you are talking to is dumb, but if you know more on the subject than they do, you need to teach the basics and break down the terms/phrases associated to that subject.

When studying “the language”, remember to be a student. This may mean you need to take initiative and do independent research to further advance your understanding. Research, connect, apply.

We all have a starting point in every area of life; be mindful that others may not be on your level yet.

Teach, inspire, learn, and grow. We’re all in this together!

Cheers to your growth,

My Biggest Mistake as an Entrepreneur

My Biggest Mistake as an Entrepreneur

When you’re beginning your first business and dipping your toes into the entrepreneurial journey, jumping to the money making part and figuring everything else out along the way, is usually what happens. In your mind, sales is key and money is a big motivator.

Some could argue that not having the proper branding, an amazing website, a social media presence, or even virtually no money to start up will prevent you from making money. But I say, that’s a load of crap.

Hear me out.

I’ve witnessed businesses with NO online presence and terrible branding make 6 and 7 figures yearly. They hustle, they sell/provide, and they make bank.

Now, will a better branded company with a high converting website, and large social following increase your overall company value, recognition, and sales? Yes. Could lacking one of those aspects be one of the reasons your business isn’t thriving? Absolutely. But still, marketing and sales aren’t the only core parts of your business, nor the step that is typically overlooked.

When I began Socially Tangled, I had the logo, the branding, contracts, the website, the social media presence, and even the clients.

The first time business wasn’t working in my favor, it was strictly a pricing thing. I wasn’t pricing my services high enough, therefor was royally screwing up my income. This, was an easy fix. With new packages and a new clients, I was making more money than before and was feeling damn good about my business.

As business started taking off at a rapid pace, it didn’t take me long to realize my business structurally wasn’t prepared for the growth.

And that’s when the REAL “oh shit” moment came in.

I realized no one can do my job (nor could I delegate tasks properly) without my systems written out.  I lacked training material, an operation/procedure manual, and best practice guides. There was no documented system or process for my business; so when I hired 5 new teammates I essentially set them (and my business) up for failure.

The new team members weren’t fulfilling the duties I had anticipated or expected plus there was just a lot of miscommunication; this was no ones fault other than my own. This ultimately took me from a 7 person payroll back down to a 2 person payroll.

When a business needs 7 people, but the burden is placed on 2, ultimate burnout is sure to occur…and it did. This caused me to not be able to take on any new business (slow growth) and I became overwhelmed to the point where I actually began hating the hustle.

And to think, this was all due to lack of systems and procedures.

Core Business Systems

There are 5 core business systems to that keep your business running, growing, and thriving. Procedures, training guides, and systematic ways for the behind-the-scenes business, are known as the Management System and is the keystone of all systems. Without this in place, other remaining 4 core systems such as Marketing, Sales, Fulfillment and Accounting, will crumble.

Build systems, processes, and procedures then delegate it out. Essentially, you want to get your business to a place where you’re solely in charge of the tactics and strategies that take your business to the next level!

Don’t get stuck in the continuous cycle of doing bitch work.

Been there, done that.
It’s for the birds.

Need help setting up systems and strategies in your business?

Schedule a consultation with me! I’ll help get you on the right track.

Committed to your growth,

Balancing Life as a Work-From-Home Parent

Balancing Life as a Work-From-Home Parent

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Working from home requires self motivation.

Working from home with a baby on your lap? Now that takes business and life to a whole new level.

For the past 8 years, I have successfully run two businesses with not one, but two kids at home.

Many view working from home as a luxury. Sitting at home in your pajamas all day, never missing a moment with the kids, the flexibility of scheduling…sounds like the best job ever, right?!

It is, for most.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with mass amounts of struggles.

Have you ever been on a video conference call, and have a toddler walk in carrying their poopy diaper for all to see? I have.

What about times where you have literally gone WEEKS without seeing anyone other than your kids and/or partner? Yep, plenty of those.

And of course there’s days,when you’re massively uninspired, because your environment never seems to change

In all of the many years of juggling this work-from-home mompreneur life, I’ve learned a few important lessons along the way to keep things as smooth sailing as possible. If you’re a work-from-home parent who feels like the Captain of the Struggle Bus right now, these tips are for you:

  1. Routine, Routine, Routine. I’m the first to admit, my whole day feels off when my morning routine is off (also sometimes a massive a-hole when it’s thrown off). There’s truly only 2 things I do for myself, each and every single morning. After I wake up, I make coffee, I sit down with my journal, and I write positive affirmations, blessings, and/or thoughts of gratitude. Then, I’m ready to go into “Mom Mode” and run in 20 different directions, before finally being able to sit down and work. Find something that brings you balance in the morning, it’ll set the tone for your day.
  2. Make Use of Drive Time If I’m the passenger in the car, I use our travel time, albeit 10 minutes or 9 hours, to work. It’s a great and easy way to do light tasks such social media management, emails, updating to-do lists, or even finally getting around to that e-Guide I’ve been meaning to read all week. Utilize time in the car, even if that means the 5 minutes you’re sitting in line waiting to pick up your kiddo from school or practice!
  3. Wake up Early Or go to bed late. I used to go to bed late, but as my kids get older (who am I kidding, as I get older), I’ve found late nights are harder and I’m completely drained by 9pm. The rare exception is when I’m in a creative flow, I could work all night! Wake up an hour or 2 before your kids to brainstorm, task prep for the day, or to even have a quiet moment to enjoy your coffee before chaos ensues.
  4. Find Help When my kids were younger, their dad worked nights, so I really was able to utilize days with help. As things have changed, I found myself in a predicament of needing more help. If your budget allows it, hire an in-home part-time nanny or babysitter; part or full-time daycare is an option, too! Not in your budget or realm of comfortability?
  5. Priority & Action Lists I’m a big list person; a lot goes on in my head and organization for me, comes with writing everything down. I prioritize my tasks into what absolutely has to get in kid free time (podcast recording, meetings that require silence, brainstorming, etc) – then I make it a priority to schedule that time. I use “Action Lists” instead of “To Do” lists, because they are actions I must take in order to succeed. Little changing in words, can change how your prioritize tasks.
  6. Have a Prep Day  I utilize Sunday’s to prep all my content for the week and write down my priority list. If I’m feeling particularly on top of my game, I’ll meal prep for the week too. Makes it easier to know whats for lunch and dinner, when the work is cut out of it.
  7. Give Yourself the Day Off A day off on Wednesday? Sure. Why not! You have flexibility in your job, use it. And most importantly, when you take a day off, drop the guilt. Mental health is as important as physical health, a trip to the park or even 1 hour at the nail salon, can do a lot to revitalize you.

So there you have it, 7 ways to make the work-from-home parent / life balance a little easier.

Do you have a tip you’d like to share with others that I may have missed? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below!

To Your Growth,

Success Advice from Entrepreneurs

Success Advice from Entrepreneurs

I’ve always been intrigued by the minds of entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of guts, perseverance, skill, and a shit ton of failure (lessons) to be an entrepreneur. I’ve often wondered what makes other entrepreneurs tick? What’s their biggest driving force or their internal inspiration? What makes them different from “everyone else?”

Let’s face it, those questions are way too deep for a blog post.

But this next question, ooooohhhh this question, it reveals a different type of depth. It’s the root of the phrase, “shoulda, coulda, woulda” for some. For others, this question brings out a sense of hope and optimism, that they maybe once lacked.

I tapped into my network and asked over 60 people from 3 different continents, 5 different countries, and 29 different states to answer this one question:

If you could give your younger self ONE piece of advice, what would it be?

And with all transparency, honesty, and for some- no filter… they answered.

Here are my top 10 favorite answers:

Step into your power and recognize your own personal strength, beauty, and self-worth. Do this and nothing can stop you.    -Sophie Jaffe, The Philosophie

Don’t let other peoples perceptions, ideas, suggestions, or comments, effect what you truly want to do with your life… Remember – “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”     -Nate Buchan, World Nate

 Do not quit. Whatever you do, do not quit. You will face hardship. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be fair. But you survive. Oh boy, do you survive. And it gets better. But you can’t give up. You can’t quit. You must carry on, and choose growth and freedom.     –Kara Whaley, Business Strategist

Don’t doubt yourself   -Norma Jean Belenky, Norma Jean Loves

It’s okay that you don’t know where you want to be in the next 5-10 years. Everything will change, whether you like it or not. You most likely will lose some or even most of your “friends” and keep a few. Life is what you make it.    – Nicole Allard, Cobat Virtual

Your wildest ideas, could change the world. Do not fear failure, only fear inaction. Life is too short to wonder “what if?” Some people will understand your vision immediately, and others will never understand. You must show them. Above all, show yourself. You WILL fail, and you must accept that- but never accept failure for anything less than learning.   -Jesse Alton, Alton Tech 

Think big because anything is possible! The only restrictions in life are the ones I put on myself.    –Kristen Nolan, Metabolism & Fitness Coach

Focus on what is truly important in life. No one lays on their deathbed and wishes they had worked more. Give your employer 100%, but don’t sacrifice the rest of your life for it. Love hose who will love you back.   -Paul Critchley, New England Lean Consulting

Get the hell out of your own way otherwise you’ll spend entirely too much time making excuses for why you can’t do things instead of finding a way to make it happen.           Stephanie Patterson, SR Photo Studio

Seek INTEGRITY with anything you do. By integrity, I’m referring to improving your behavior patterns when no one else is watching. All political, economical and religious influences aside, the only justification you need for your current actions is whether the outcome will be one step forward or two steps backward from your personal and/or professional goals. This will allow you to remain humble and objective, devote 100 percent of your undivided attention towards work/life priorities, and view obstacles as opportunities when they arise. Eric Burratty, Eric Burratty Fitness

And if I ever had to give myself one piece of advice it would be “Don’t lead with your head or your heart, trust the gut. Your intuition won’t misguide you.”

What would you tell your younger self? Share them with me in the comments below!

Need more positivity in your life? Check out my book, “Mind Love: Bite-Sized Thought Nuggets to Fuel Your Life” for inspiration!

To Your Success,



Master Your Mind, Business, and Life – THE PODCAST!

Master Your Mind, Business, and Life – THE PODCAST!


They connect us all.

A simple story can bridge the gap between stranger and friend. It can bring perspective, clarity, and even advice. A story has as much power to make us weep, as it does to make us joyful.

Through life, we learn through the stories we create, as well as the stories we hear.

As a natural story lover, I felt the next project in life should be one that revolves around others who have a story or message to share.

Today, I launch the Master Your Mind, Business, and Life podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean . 

The goal of the Master Your Mind, Business and Life podcast is to have real, authentic, conversations with every day world shifters, truth seekers, and rule breakers.

I want you, the listener, to walk away from every episode with information that will help you push past boundaries, shift your mindset, implement profitable strategies, turn your purpose into your paycheck, and begin living with intention.

Topics we’ll explore in the MIND category, we’ll meet with experts in mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience,and psychology – and also dive into topics such as improving your memory, intuition vs. ego, and more.

When we’re talking about BUSINESS, we’ll being getting down to the nitty gritty about all things that make a business tick. From strategy, finances, and social media, to topics like becoming a better leader, growing your brand, and how to become more productive within your business.

And LIFE – well life is a little bit of everything. We’ve got health, fitness, relationships, personal growth, spirituality, numerology, social movements, stories of overcoming adversity and SO. MUCH. MORE.

So join me in the podcast realm, and listen to this week’s episode: Growth Through Failure

You can also subscribe to podcast episodes + read show notes on the podcast website:

Until next week,