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Ever feel like the odds are stacked against you?

Life has a tendency to throw us curve balls at the worst possible time. Whether it’s financial despair, trouble in your relationship or job, or even a failure that you feel you’ll never rebound from – feeling as if the odds are stacked against you is often a common feeling.

Before I moved to Florida, I thought everything was aligned and it’d be smooth sailing. After realizing I priced my services too low and I’d need 100 clients to even pay my rent, it was a bit too late. I had already used all of my savings, had no real money coming in, and couldn’t afford groceries (let alone gas to go get groceries). I felt like the Universe was punishing me for stepping out of my comfort zone and moving 900 miles away from my family.

Was the Universe really punishing me? Well, no. It was teaching me lessons in business and in life. While they were tough as hell, I needed them to get me to this point.

If things aren’t going your way and you feel lost searching for answers, remind yourself:

Nothing is permanent. That’s the good and the bad, all wrapped into one statement. Phases of life are temporary and we always have the power to change our course with one action. For me, that action was getting a 9-5 job to supplement income while I re-figured my business. That also allowed me to later quit that job and return to my business full time.

Your Setbacks Do Not Define You. You can’t have a comeback without a setback, right? Setbacks and failures are the best foundation for growth. Your failure/setback is not a life sentence, but just a part of life.

I Am Not a Victim. Internal questions like, “why did this happen to me?” will never really give you an answer. A better question may be, “how can I make this situation better?” Be mindful not to fall trap to the victim mentality.

The odds are stacked against us in numerous ways on a daily basis. The best way to overcome an odd, is to simply take action. Keep in mind that it’s usually not a one-time thing; this action may need to be part of your daily routine and/or you may need to be strategic about it.

Conquering the odds requires purpose, meaning, and intention. It’s okay to succumb to failures, but it’s even better to bounce back with resilience.

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With Love,