Lack of Money Does Not Block Blessings

Lack of Money Does Not Block Blessings

I’ll never forget this story or where I was when I heard it.

I was sitting at my kitchen table, in my normal spot (we all have them, right?). After scrolling through a few podcasts, I ended up on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. An episode with Brené Brown popped up and I felt it calling to me.  I have a soft spot for Brené Brown – her research really makes me think, plus she’s a great storyteller.

Now, if you don’t know who Dr. Brené Brown is – she’s an New York Times best selling author and a researcher – she heavily focuses on vulnerability.

Brené was first on SuperSoul after her book, “Daring Greatly ” became a best seller. The second time she was on Oprah, Brené told the story of how her life looked the first time they had met.

On the day she was to meet Oprah for the first time, her rent check bounced, she was broke, and she had no nice clothes to wear on the show. With $5 cash on her, she hit the GoodWill in a nice part of town, and found a shirt that was suitable to wear.

Picture it – a woman who hit the NYT best sellers list, sitting next to Oprah in a shirt she bought from the GoodWill, seemingly appearing as if she’s got it all figured out.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that Brené hadn’t received any money from her book at this point. Many don’t know that authors sometimes have to wait over a year to see that money come through to them – and often times, books that require the research such as the titles Brené authors, sometimes require working “for free” for awhile.

Needless to say, this story hit me hard.

While listening to it I wrote down, “lack of money does not block blessings.”

If you’re reading this post and you’ve ever thought that good things can’t or won’t happen to you because of your financial situation – know that you’re wrong.

Blessings are in everyday things. Don’t overlook them and don’t ever feel like you’re not worthy of them simply because of your financial situation.

Money Mindset Blocks to Give Up

  • Debt defines me
  • Lack of money blocks me from getting what I want
  • I will only be financially free if I marry rich
  • I’m not good at managing money

Money Mantras to Embrace

  • My relationship with money gets better every day
  • I am worthy of getting everything I want
  • I am limitless with the amount of money I can make

Struggling with your Money Mindset? Check out my podcast episode with Wealth Therapist, Agnes Kowlaski. Agnes outlines how we can give ourselves Permission to Prosper.

Bless Up,

The Importance of Personal Boundaries

The Importance of Personal Boundaries

There was once a time, not long ago, that I felt the need to give all of me to everyone else.

My thought process for most of my life was, “I can, so I will.”

This included giving away my time, doing things I didn’t love, saying yes to everything, accepting toxic people into my life, etc. Basically, I was always willing to refuel the tanks of others while neglecting my own.

Over the past year or so, I’ve grown in leaps and bounds all because I decided to take back my power.

When I began this journey of reclaiming my power, I learned that setting boundaries is key. Healthy boundaries allow us to not fall into the trap of society’s pressures which tell us that if we say no, we’re not a good [mother/father, wife/husband, friend, colleague].

Personal boundaries extend into many areas of life (physical, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, material), but the reason for setting them is to ultimately have safe and healthy relationships – both with yourself and with others.

I love Brene Brown’s definition of boundaries in her book, Rising Strong. She defines boundaries as “simply our lists of what’s okay and what’s not okay.”

I’m sharing a few (of many) personal boundaries I’ve embraced, that have literally been life changing.


Learning to Say No

How many times have you said yes to something then immediately regretted it? Better yet, how many times have you said yes because you couldn’t think of an excuse to say no? We often feel as if “no” needs a reason – as if saying “no” isn’t a complete sentence by itself. It’s often the guilt that comes along with the word, that pushes people into the “yes.”

One area I struggled with this, was in my business. It felt terrible to me when people would seek my aid for services I no longer offered or even for things I did/do offer, yet I had no true time to help them.

I fell into the trap of saying yes, then b*tching about the project the entire time I was doing it. Essentially, I set myself up for misery by saying yes.

Now that I’ve learned to say NO more, I use phrases such as: “My plate is full right now, but I’m happy to refer you to a trusted colleague who might be able to help,” or “I’d love to, but I’m already over committed. Thank you for thinking of me!”

These phrases still say no, but also don’t make me feel like a complete a-hole while saying them.

Share Information Gradually

I’ve noticed when I’m on the plane, people next to me often share things I don’t think they’ve shared with their spouse, let alone a friend. I’ve been guilty of this too – it’s almost as if opening up to a stranger can be easier because HEY… I’ll never see this person again, right?

Not everyone needs to know your biznass, your biznass (that’s business, for those of you who didn’t read that in Ludacris’ voice). Oversharing is part of not having boundaries. Oversharing too many details with people you’ve just met, exposes you to potential hurt or manipulation.

Protect yourself, open up to those who truly care for you and have your best interest at heart.


Not Everything Needs a Response

I was recently hit with an uncomfortable situation with a person I didn’t even know, who was attacking my character and my morals. I knew this person was projecting their own insecurities on me and if I gave any attention or energy into the situation, I would only fuel the fire.

Instead, I chose the high road. I ignored what was said and I went on about my day.

Had I engaged in a response I know I’d get fired up, say things I didn’t mean (which could ultimately come back to haunt me), and would exert all of that day’s energy into a person who didn’t deserve it. Thus, leaving me drained and unable to give my energy to the people who do deserve it.

Recognize when silence is a better option. Not everything needs a response.


Prioritize Self Care

If you tune into my podcast, you may remember my episode about self compassion and how the guilt of putting myself first, ultimately led me to putting my health at risk.

You know when boarding the plane they state to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others? That’s because it’s known that you cannot take care of anyone else, if you’re over there passing out from of lack of oxygen.

I’m very humanitarian driven, so to me, prioritizing myself felt selfish.

But guess what?!

Prioritizing yourself isn’t selfish, it’s imperative

Now, I take time to do things that I love; I’ve recognized when my tank is full, I’m happier and I’m a nicer person which makes me feel more equipped to serve. Also, my energy also doesn’t deplete as quick

Bubble baths and face masks are both sure fire ways to relax me.
I love taking drives in my car while blasting music and singing at the top of my lungs, always makes me smile.
Getting out in nature and exploring a place I’ve never seen before humbles me. Being alone in silence, even for 10 minutes, mentally recharges me.

I recognize when I need more self care and I’ve dropped the guilt that comes along with it. 



Setting Boundaries, Brene Brown


The boundaries I outlined may seem elementary but as Matt Bevin said, “the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.

Take some time to think about the boundaries in your life; are you aware of them, or are you lacking them?

To Your Growth,

The Reversed Bucket List

The Reversed Bucket List

While looking for new items to add to my own Bucket List, I came across a concept called, “The Reversed Bucket List.”

The idea seemed simple enough.

Instead of opening and expanding your mind with dreams and high hopes for the future, you  consciously shift into a mode reflection and gratitude.

With the Reversed Bucket List, you list things you’ve already accomplished – and be mindfully grateful for the journey.

Fun, right?

While doing this challenge, I found myself thinking a few things

The first being – that I almost felt like I was bragging about my accomplishments or experiences. I had to give myself a reality check – and remind myself that these moments in life, are ones I cherish and the purpose of this is to help me see what I already have, what I’ve had, and

The second thought – was that I was doubting myself on if this list was “good enough” or “too average.” I found myself thinking “so many people have done these things.” Again, had to give myself a reality check and change my mindset to “so many people HAVEN’T done these things”

Shifting that inner conversation while writing this list, really helped me complete it.
I began with 22 items; 22 because I love numbers and 22 is a Master Number in Numerology.

My Reversed Bucket List:

  1. Launched my podcast,Master Your Mind, Business and Life,” which is now nation and worldwide – in over 15 countries. If you would’ve told me 5 years ago, or dang, even a year ago, that I’d be the host of a worldwide podcast that’s being listened to on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and beyond  – I probably would have laughed. But now this podcast is a huge piece of me and I’m so extremely grateful for the journey.
  2. Started my own business. I had my LLC at hand before I had my college diploma.
  3. Self published a book.  My Book, Mind Love: Bite-Sized Thought Nuggets to Fuel Your Life, has sold incredibly well. With a little help from a mentor and a lot of research, I figured out how to self-publish my first full book within 2 months, from start to finish.
  4. Have been to more campgrounds than I care to admit. My mom was a campground manager for most of my youth, and we traveled to various campgrounds in numerous states – from Maine to Wisconsin, every summer for years. One summer almost did a rolling tour of campgrounds, and campground hopped. I saw a lot of cool places, and seemed to easily make friends along the way.
  5. Cheered in the Pro Bowl in Hawaii  – the funny story about this. In order to get chosen for the pro-bowl, each cheer team is given 5 ribbons, each a different color. 5 girls are chosen to wear this ribbon on their shoe at the competition and each color ribbon, had a specific judge to watch that girl perform and decide if she was Pro Bowl material. I had competed for 3 years, before finally being chosen. The night before this big competition, I got kicked in the face and fractured my jaw. While I probably shouldn’t have competed the next day, I was determined to get my bid to Hawaii. Needless to say, I got that bid, and while the trip was beyond expensive – my parents were so supportive and made sure that I was able to go on the trip. During half-time My friends and I performed on the 40 yard line during, 2 rows back from the front, and we had a blast.
  6. Swam under a waterfall in Bali – I’m not sure what else needs to be said about that, other than IT. WAS. MAGICAL.
    Lauren Smith under a waterfall in Bali
  7. Went Skydiving with my sister – I can proudly say that I can typically talk my sister into doing anything…usually things she’d never do without me. For her 30th birthday a few years ago, we went Skydiving over the coast of Florida. We got to see the Kennedy Space Center from above, as well as the ocean. It was one of the coolest, yet faster, experiences of my life. Being able to share it with my sister, made it all 100x more amazing.
    Lauren Smith Skydiving
  8. Speaking of the Kennedy Space Center, I’ve witnessed more rocket launches than I can even count. I love catching these rockets – night launches are my favorite, as they light up the sky!
  9. Becoming a mother changed me, as I’m sure most parents are able to say. These little humans filled my heart with love that I didn’t even know was missing.
  10. Modern Medicine – modern medicine has saved my life, on more than one occasion. From bad asthma attacked, to hemorrhaging after child birth, I’ve gotta be grateful for medication.
  11. Taking the leap to move 900 miles away from Maryland to Florida, with no job security and just enough money to get buy – was one of my biggest leaps in life.
    Lauren Smith Underwater at Siesta Key Beach
  12. I have had a friendship for over 25 years – most of my childhood friends are still my best friends today.
  13. Have been the voice of numerous company’s advertisement videos – which is really cool. My voice helps rep their brand, and that’s not something I ever thought would happy.
  14. Travel alone, boldly. I’ve flown more times solo, than I have with others. Regardless if it’s across the world, or even a few states away – traveling alone is something I actually quite enjoy.
  15. The ability to forgive and grow.  Forgiving those who have hurt me, has been monumental in my growth and self development.
  16. Summers in a neighborhood full of kids. We would play laser tag, midnight (our version of hide and seek), and basketball until the street lights came on.
  17. Experienced being blessed by a High Priestess in Bali. I was also baptized in the Brethren Church when I was younger.
  18. I’ve been to concerts of so many different genres – from country, hip-hop, rap, and reggae, to punk rock, hard rock, and even classical.
  19. I have dipped my toes into the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Bali Sea, the Chesapeake Bay, as well as countless lakes and rivers throughout the United States. This is pretty big, considering I’ve met people who have never been to a major body of water.

  20. Ice Skating in New York City at Christmas time. This is something I can’t wait to take my kids to do. NYC feels so magical around Christmas, and ice skating outdoors with all of the lights around, feels even more magical.
  21. Staying in a Palace in Prague. Yep. A real palace. Funny, because when I was there I told my friend that I felt like I was home and felt like I have royal blood in me. Don’t laugh – because I actually found out this was true. Which leads me to 22…

  22. Learning my Family Heritage. Last year for Christmas, I received an Ancestry DNA kit. Here’s the breakdown of my results:
    – Great Britain – 68%
    – Ireland/Scotland/Wales – 19%
    – Germanic Europe – 13%

    After learning my results, I knew I had to dive into learning more about my family’s history.

    I found out that through my paternal grandmother’s side – My 17th Great- Grandfather, was King Henry the 1st of England. There were also many Dukes and Duchesses in my family tree on my mom’s side.

    Also, I learned on my Dad’s Dad side – that my ancestors were part of the founding community that started my hometown of Boonsboro, Maryland.Kicking it back even further, my 11th great Grandfather, was Richard “The Bull” Smith. Richard rescued the captured daughter of a Native American Chief. In return, the Chief told Richard he could claim as much land as he wanted – but, he had to ride a bull and only had 1 day to stake the land. Richard Smith, a wise business man, chose to ride his bull on the longest day of the Year, the first day of Summer, in order to secure more land. This area of land, is now Smithtown, New York. Richard “The Bull “Smith’s statue, is proudly displayed within the town.

    Image result for Richard the Bull SmithOnce my list was done, I reflected on it for a while and realized how grateful I am for the adventures I have had and how proud I am of my accomplishments.

    I think this might be something I add to more frequently, to keep me humble and grateful.

    I encourage you to take the Reversed Bucket List Challenge! If you decide to do so, let me know or tag me in a post – I’d love to see what you’re most proud of – so I can be proud of you, with you!

    Find me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

    Adventure On,

The Most Powerful Type of Momentum

The Most Powerful Type of Momentum

Momentum: the force that keeps an object moving or keeps an event developing after it has started.

Some days, it’s really tough to humbly receive acknowledgement and praise, while you’re working for nearly free.

When I started my podcast, I didn’t realize how much time I would end up devoting to it. I thought it’d be something where I could pick up my mic, talk to someone, publish it on the interwebs and call it a day.

It’s become so much more than that. To date, the podcast is being listened to in 15 countries and 33 states. I receive messages daily, both from people I’ve known for years as well as complete strangers, who tell me they love what I’m doing, or that an episode’s message resonated with them.

These words, they fuel me to continue to put the time into publishing the show, but to be 100% transparent – I’m not making any money off the show. The 15-20 hours I put into the show weekly – from setting up calls, finding guests, scheduling the conversations, having the actual conversation, recording intros/outros, editing episodes, writing episode notes, etc. – those 20 hours give me purpose, but they don’t feed my family.

Not *yet* anyway…

So, why do I keep doing something, that isn’t providing a financial return?

I heard on the news recently, that a man won the lottery for $638 Million. This man, has been playing the same lottery numbers every week, for 20 years. Yes, you read that correct. Same numbers, weekly, for 20 freaking years. All it took, was that *one* draw to make him a multi-millionaire.

Mastin Kipp, the author behind, stated on an Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, that his entire life fell apart in one week. His relationship fell apart, investors pulled out of his business due to the recession, his roommate gave him 3 day’s notice, he had gout in his foot, AND he and his business partner split ways. All in ONE week.  

At this time in his life, it had taken him one year to gain even 1,000 followers on his social media, so it’s not that he was big or famous; but he said he felt that this was his calling. Within a month of his life seemingly falling apart, Kim Kardashian tweeted about The Daily Love to her 1 million followers, and encouraged them to follow his account. He went from 1,000 followers to 10,000, overnight.

Now, Mastin is widely known travels the world on a mission to inspire and motivate.

What did these two people, who I’ve never met, prove?

Momentum fueled by persistence, is an unstoppable force.

Persistence, is a type of momentum that has a force like no other.

It’s only when we stop trying that we lose any chance of reaching those big goals, milestones, achievements, or levels of mastery.

I know the Master Your Mind, Business and Life podcast will generate opportunities that I’ve dreamed of and work towards – but only through my persistence.

I’ll keep chasing my big dreams – you keep chasing yours.

Through persistence, we’ll both be rewarded in ways we’ve been dreaming about and relentlessly hustling towards.

To Our Growth,

How to Protect Your Business During Mercury Retrograde

How to Protect Your Business During Mercury Retrograde

I know what you’re thinking…I can hear it now…

“Mercury, what?! What’s this sorcery you’re preachin’ now, Lauren?”

If you’re not a big follower of astrology or have never worked with a spiritual-being before, you may have never heard of the phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde.

What is it?

A retrograde is when the planet (in this case, Mercury), passes the Earth and sun while appearing to rotate opposite of Earth. This current period lasts from November 17 to December 6 and is the 3rd (and final) time we’ll experience a Mercury Retrograde in 2018. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, so when it’s in retrograde you may feel as if everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. From strange or intense arguments with your spouse, friends, or boss to your car not starting, or even your computer hard drive failing, this time period can be a P.I.T.A for individuals.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

When you become aware of the “why,” I fully believe you can take measurable steps to make your life easier during this period of planetary influence. Remember, the rise and fall of the ocean’s tide on Earth is caused by gravitational forces and placement of the moon and sun. I say, if you can believe in the power of planetary alignment and the effect it has our Earth, then you can believe in the power that it has on our moods, on some sort of level. ?

How Can I Protect Myself & My Business During Mercury Retrograde?

Well, you can’t fully protect yourself. Life happens and we have to roll with it; but you can be a little more cautious and mindful over the next 3 weeks by following these tips:

  • Don’t Launch Don’t launch that website, don’t launch that program, don’t spend a sh*t ton of money on that campaign. Just hold your horses and slow down. If you launch now, you’ll likely overlook something major, find a critical component that’s missing or there will be a technological mishap. Wait until after December 6th, you’ll be in a better spot to take more action. But for now, hone in on your attention to detail!
  • Allow Extra Time for Travel Whether you’re traveling by car, bus, train, or plane – allow extra time. If you’re flying, arrive earlier than normal – security check points, bad weather, and . If you have a layover, be sure there’s a good amount of time between flights in case of delays. Give yourself extra time to get to work or appointments, leave early!
  • Rethink Purchasing a New Computer or Updating Programs I made this mistake once; I ordered a new (customized) MacBook Pro during Mercury Retrograde and when I received it, it was a complete dud. The headache of exchanging and waiting for a replacement (which I got post-retrograde) wasn’t worth it the timing of the initial purchase. Don’t buy the new TV, don’t install new software that might potentially crash your computer, and expect glitches in technology. Be sure to back up everything NOW! If you MUST make a new purchase (we can’t all wait for the end of retrograde for certain things, right?), then be sure to get extended warranties or insurance on your purchases.
  • Read the Small Print on any new contracts. Ask lots of questions. If you can wait until Mercury goes direct to sign this contract or enter a new obligation, do so. If it’s time sensitive, do your best to analyze the contract and gather as much information as you can.
  • Tread Lightly  You may find yourself a little more temperamental, or maybe you see that your partner or co-worker is extra cranky or sensitive; remember that their communication skills are being affected right now and things are said that aren’t necessarily meant. If you’re feeling “on edge”, I urge you to do something that FEELS liberating to you (nap, dance, sing, eat Ben & Jerry’s, go for a run). Bite your tongue and use the energy in a more positive way.
  • Finish Up Loose Ties Does your website need some TLC? Have an idea that needs more development? Have you been avoiding cleaning your office? The retrograde is your chance to tie up those loose ends and get clear on the future.

Now, you can go one and call my astrological beliefs crazy, but if your car doesn’t start, you get in a heated argument, someone from your past reappears, and/or your presentation is a flop, blame Mercury! ?

What are your feelings on Mercury Retrograde? Have you felt its affects before?

Be mindful of your moods as well as the moods of others, and various things that happen throughout the days during this time. Keep me posted on how the next few weeks pan out for you, and I’ll do the same.

Trust the Universe,


P.S. If you’re looking to advance your knowledge in Astrology, a few of my favorites are:
Astrolada, SoulShine Astrology, and Astrostyle

The Importance Learning the Language

The Importance Learning the Language

I’m guilty of zoning out when I don’t understand what’s being said.

I’m sure you’re guilty of it too.

You’ve likely sat through a class you were interested in, only to become so lost in the verbiage being used that it sounds as if the teacher was speaking another language.

I remember a conversation with my spiritual mentor, early into us meeting each other. We were talking about astrology, something I was eager to learn about, but was still a novice in. When she asked me which planet was in my 11th house in my birth chart, I was completely confused. My WHAT chart? Was that something my mom needed to get from the hospital? I have a planet in a house? Do WHAT?

I had no idea what she was talking about, so the entire conversation made me feel so lost. She was starting big on the spiritual scope, while I was still trying to grasp the overall concept. I knew that if I wanted to dive back into a conversation with her about astrology, I first needed to learn the language.

By “learning the language,” I mean the common terms and phrases that are used to discuss that subject.

Likewise, when teaching the language, you need to “dumb it down.” I don’t mean this as if the person you are talking to is dumb, but if you know more on the subject than they do, you need to teach the basics and break down the terms/phrases associated to that subject.

When studying “the language”, remember to be a student. This may mean you need to take initiative and do independent research to further advance your understanding. Research, connect, apply.

We all have a starting point in every area of life; be mindful that others may not be on your level yet.

Teach, inspire, learn, and grow. We’re all in this together!

Cheers to your growth,