How to Protect Your Business During Mercury Retrograde

How to Protect Your Business During Mercury Retrograde

I know what you’re thinking…I can hear it now…

“Mercury, what?! What’s this sorcery you’re preachin’ now, Lauren?”

If you’re not a big follower of astrology or have never worked with a spiritual-being before, you may have never heard of the phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde.

What is it?

A retrograde is when the planet (in this case, Mercury), passes the Earth and sun while appearing to rotate opposite of Earth. This current period lasts from November 17 to December 6 and is the 3rd (and final) time we’ll experience a Mercury Retrograde in 2018. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, so when it’s in retrograde you may feel as if everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. From strange or intense arguments with your spouse, friends, or boss to your car not starting, or even your computer hard drive failing, this time period can be a P.I.T.A for individuals.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

When you become aware of the “why,” I fully believe you can take measurable steps to make your life easier during this period of planetary influence. Remember, the rise and fall of the ocean’s tide on Earth is caused by gravitational forces and placement of the moon and sun. I say, if you can believe in the power of planetary alignment and the effect it has our Earth, then you can believe in the power that it has on our moods, on some sort of level. ?

How Can I Protect Myself & My Business During Mercury Retrograde?

Well, you can’t fully protect yourself. Life happens and we have to roll with it; but you can be a little more cautious and mindful over the next 3 weeks by following these tips:

  • Don’t Launch Don’t launch that website, don’t launch that program, don’t spend a sh*t ton of money on that campaign. Just hold your horses and slow down. If you launch now, you’ll likely overlook something major, find a critical component that’s missing or there will be a technological mishap. Wait until after December 6th, you’ll be in a better spot to take more action. But for now, hone in on your attention to detail!
  • Allow Extra Time for Travel Whether you’re traveling by car, bus, train, or plane – allow extra time. If you’re flying, arrive earlier than normal – security check points, bad weather, and . If you have a layover, be sure there’s a good amount of time between flights in case of delays. Give yourself extra time to get to work or appointments, leave early!
  • Rethink Purchasing a New Computer or Updating Programs I made this mistake once; I ordered a new (customized) MacBook Pro during Mercury Retrograde and when I received it, it was a complete dud. The headache of exchanging and waiting for a replacement (which I got post-retrograde) wasn’t worth it the timing of the initial purchase. Don’t buy the new TV, don’t install new software that might potentially crash your computer, and expect glitches in technology. Be sure to back up everything NOW! If you MUST make a new purchase (we can’t all wait for the end of retrograde for certain things, right?), then be sure to get extended warranties or insurance on your purchases.
  • Read the Small Print on any new contracts. Ask lots of questions. If you can wait until Mercury goes direct to sign this contract or enter a new obligation, do so. If it’s time sensitive, do your best to analyze the contract and gather as much information as you can.
  • Tread Lightly  You may find yourself a little more temperamental, or maybe you see that your partner or co-worker is extra cranky or sensitive; remember that their communication skills are being affected right now and things are said that aren’t necessarily meant. If you’re feeling “on edge”, I urge you to do something that FEELS liberating to you (nap, dance, sing, eat Ben & Jerry’s, go for a run). Bite your tongue and use the energy in a more positive way.
  • Finish Up Loose Ties Does your website need some TLC? Have an idea that needs more development? Have you been avoiding cleaning your office? The retrograde is your chance to tie up those loose ends and get clear on the future.

Now, you can go one and call my astrological beliefs crazy, but if your car doesn’t start, you get in a heated argument, someone from your past reappears, and/or your presentation is a flop, blame Mercury! ?

What are your feelings on Mercury Retrograde? Have you felt its affects before?

Be mindful of your moods as well as the moods of others, and various things that happen throughout the days during this time. Keep me posted on how the next few weeks pan out for you, and I’ll do the same.

Trust the Universe,


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